Alarm Systems Installed, Maintained and Serviced by Fire Fighters

Monitoring Starting at $19.95 per month or $15.99 for public safety, military and teachers.

Monitoring Pricing Guide                        Basic Alarm Packages

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Looking for an Audio Video System upgrade or installation?

Audio Video Systems

Update your existing multi-room audio system to use the new Denon HEOS components.  These products integrate the best features of older audio systems, while simplifying the user interfaces and programming and adding Spotify and other internet radio sources.


Integrate HVAC, Lighting, Locks and Security Control into One App

HVAC and Lighting Automation have been proven to lower energy costs, and recently these systems have become affordable

Total Connect Video

Don't think about Alarm Systems as just a security system.  Broaden your horizons and think about the true capability of the systems today.  Sure, we can monitor your home for fire burg and medical but don't stop there, check out these intuitive uses for alarm sensors.
Residential Applications                       Commercial Applications

Want to go above and beyond the basic burg system.  How about Video Surveillance.  Add 24 hour video recording and remote access via a smart phone for $4.99 a month.

Camera Systems

Home Theater Systems

Home Theater Systems have changed dramatically in a brief period of time so whether you have an old system, or want to see the newest of technologies in the Audio Video Field contact us and let us make some recommendations.  There are a variety of displays, receivers, speakers and other media devices out there and the right selection and installation can make all the difference on whether or not you get the best bang for your buck.  Whether you want a room with a true Movie Theater feel to it or if you want to have surround system in your living room we will help you design a system to the scope and functionality that best fits your home and your style.

Home Theater Systems

Multiroom Audio Solutions

Multi Room Audio Solutions have become easier and easier for the end user to use with the development of handheld devices like your phones and tablets.  Everyone has a smart device somewhere on your person now so why not be able to control your multi room audio as you walk through the door.  Apps are available for a wide range of platforms that allow you to stream internet radio, digital media players, music libraries and more.  Scroll through your sources, pick the room or rooms that you want to listen to music in and kick back and relax after a long day.

Multi Room Audio

We offer a variety of products and services to fit your Audio / Video need. Our goal is not to fit you with the most expensive products on the market, but to get to know the goal for your system. We take into consideration budget, room acoustics, source material, and provide the infrastructure needed to expand the system in the future.



Automation is the system that ties your security, audio, locks, theaters and mechanicals together.  Automation should happen behind the scenes.  It should make your life simpler and save you money on energy costs.  Occupancy sensors can determine when you have left in the morning for work then adjust your thermostat and light settings.  It can automatically determine whether the garage door is closed, the doors are locked and the coffee pot is off.  If not it can text or email you to let you know that one of the conditions is not met.  Check out the URC Total Control products.