With the price of contacts and sensors today, don't stop at just perimeter security devices.

Fit you Commercial Burglary System to you type of business.  Do you run a restaurant?  Make sure that if power fails, and freezer temperatures begin to increase, you are notified in time to move your product.  Become notified if refrigerators or freezers are left open for extended periods of time.  How about if you run a business that utilizes large server racks or electronic equipment.  Place a temperature sensor in you server racks or cabinets and know if your equipment starts to over heat.  With IP controlled power solutions you could automatically trigger the equipment to shut down if informed of a temperature issue with your equipment.  If you run a pharmaceutical company, pharmacy, nursing, etc. and you store valuable equipment, medicines, or narcotics in one storage room use access control to know who entered the room at what time.  If something goes missing, you will know who to confront on the missing product.  If you own a gas station or other small business where you might not stop in for some time, add sensors to locks and windows to know that when the business is closed at night, the doors are locked and secured.  You can also divide your business up into zones, so that users disarm in the morning won't have access to areas like your office.  Running a business is not easy, lessen your worry over the safety of your assets or products and focus on your many other commitments.

Commercial Monitoring is Same Price as Residential Monitoring

Starting at $19.95 per Month and NO Service Charge for Changing User Codes

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