Build your system with your family in mind.

Are you single or a married couple?  If it is just a small family of one or two, then your primary concern maybe the safety of your valuables and property.  You may not have the concerns of keeping children out of pool areas, or making sure elderly parents or grandparents don't leave without you being aware.  You can add glass break detectors, motion detectors, photo electric beams or other perimeter security devices, cameras and other protection devices.

We believe in transparent prices. Our monitoring starts at 19.95.

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Are you a family with younger children?  How about using your perimeter security sensors to monitor activity by the pool, child's bedroom, exterior doors, gun safes or safes with other valuables, or gates in your fence.  Using sensors in this fashion will provide you a sense of safety knowing that your kids are where you think they should be. You can keep your little one out of the fridge, medicine cabinets or chemical storage areas as well.  How about add a chime every time someone goes upstairs?  Sensors have become very inexpensive so now is the time to explore different possibilities that may make your job easier.

Control your system using your computer, phone or tablet.

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How about if your a retired couple and you have acquired a vacation home?  Add sensors to monitor temperature and call you if the heat goes out saving you expensive water damage claims and repairs to your house.  Become notified if there is a water leak from a washer or water heater, or if the refrigerator or freezer stop working.  Receive a call if there is a gas leak, log in to your systems to see what the temperature is outside.  Turn up the heat or air conditioning from remote, or add energy savings devices that automatically sense when there is no one home and turn off the lights.

Don't stop at just alarms. Add Cameras, Automation and more...

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