Our Approach

We think transparency, integrity and customer advocacy must come first in our customer relations.  We are not out to sell you anything that won't help you.  We don't want to check your credit and lock you into a multi year contract.  If you give us a call we won't lock you into a 30 minute conversation where we avoid answering questions about costs or prices.  We want to meet your goals for your system, educate you about any options that you have, and work within your budget so you are both happy and comfortable with your system.

Our Story

My name is Thomas Simon and I am the owner of the company.  I started in this line of work after high school in 2008.  My father was working at a company called Audio Video Systems in Boone NC.  I worked there for several years and learned the trade.  I started carrying boxes of wire, drills and tools.  I learned about different types of cabling and how to run wire in homes under construction and finished homes.  Then I started working with the service side of the company as well as the installation side.  Service taught me confidence and the ability to diagnose and repair systems.  I learned to think systematically and identify the problem through the process of elimination.  I also learned the importance of completing tickets and following up with the customer to make sure all issues were addressed.  Then I learned programming for Crestron Automation Systems through Crestron School and continued on to system design and proposals.  The company that my father and I were working at began to have financial difficulties due to high overhead and a changing market.  My father went to work at another company in Boone and I followed my dream to become a professional firefighter.  Once I settled into my career I started my own company. I enjoy meeting people around the Triangle and watching the trade grow and change.

Reach Out To Us

Give us a call, shoot us a text or send us an email and we can help you with your system needs.