The company was formed by Thomas Simon. He worked for his father in the mountains of North Carolina for 6 years before moving to Chapel Hill NC.  His father, Thomas was also in the AV and Security field .  Thomas Sr. started when he was 18 in NY.  As a family they moved to North Carolina in 2003.  In 2008 Thomas Jr. graduated High School and became a volunteer Fire Fighter.  He also started working with his father at his company Intellitec Security.  Thomas Jr. enjoyed Fire Fighting and moved to Chapel Hill, NC to access more training opportunities and pursue a career in the Fire Service.  He joined a volunteer department while he was in school and became certified in Fire Fighter I and Fire Fighter II.  He worked hard and received a full time position in a career department.  During this time his father sold the company and Thomas decided to start his own.

As a fire fighter you are exposed to the sheer number of false alarms that are dispatched every day.  These false alarms are a burden on the city, the responders and the home owners.  Worse than that these false alarms have tarnished the reputation of alarm companies and caused a sense of complacency when alarms are dispatched.  Many cities have implemented false alarm policies to attempt to limit the number of false alarms on the city.  Because Thomas had worked in both the fire department and an alarm company this did not sit well with him.  He wanted to start a company that built its infrastructure on products and practices that truly protected a premises without becoming a nuisance for the customer or the home owner.  

Therefore, Thomas began to research companies and products that built reliable systems, while remaining on the cutting edge of technology.  Honeywell emerged as the leader of pack when it came to researching major alarm manufacturers.  Using these products and the tricks of the trade that he learned from his father and from fire fighting he formed a company with the go al of protecting lives and property.  The stability of the systems was important to Thomas, and he developed an idea that any system that produced a false alarm of any kind due to faulty equipment or installation error would result in 3 months free monitoring.  Thomas also wanted to offer discounted rates to public safety, military and teachers.

Audio Systems and Automation Systems have progressed as the computer and networking industry progressed.  It was not long ago that systems to control lighting, HVAC and Audio Video could cost 10s of thousands of dollars.  These systems could take over a week to install and program, and leave the user baffled.  This is no longer the case.  The introduction of networking technology and standards for
Z Wave Connectivity brought plug and play functionality to the Automation System.  Adding devices is a manner of minutes instead of hours and the interface for these devices is simple and easy for the customer to follow.  

Multi Room Audio was adapted to accept internet streaming sources such as Spotify and Pandora.  Wireless Speakers from Denon HEOS with built in Amps, Source Selection and User Interfaces have allowed the smart phone and tablet to become a remote control.  These interfaces allow smart phones and tablets to group rooms and party zones.  They also allow wireless streaming from your device.

In short Thomas formed a company which uses practical and reliable components to produce the most stable and easy to use components for his customers.  He takes great pride in the work of the company and the satisfaction of his clients.