Home Theater Systems           Multi-Room Audio

Are you looking for a true theater room with elevated seating?  How about a family room with a great sound system? Do you want to stream video or internet radio in every room?  We will custom design your system to fit your specifications, budget and need.

We carry all of the popular brands including Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Sonos, Denon HEOS, Denon, Boston Acoustics, Universal Remote, RTI and more.  Carrying these brands and having practical experience with all of these products allows us to recomend the perfect system for your application.

When it comes to control, more expensive and more complex are not always better.  Usually the simplest method of control is best for your system, even the larger ones.  The key to remotes, touch panels and interfaces is they should feel no more complicated than a traditional remote, while offering many more features.




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