Universal Remote Controls Total Control line of products have brought automation to an affordable price, without sacrificing ingenuity and capability.

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The best way that automation was ever described to me is that automation is the process by which life becomes easier for the end user by controlling devices in their home so they don't have to.  This could be as simple as turning on your coffee pot in the morning, to lowering and raising the thermostat on a schedule.It could be turning on the TV to your favorite news channel and adjusting the lighting and thermostat when you pull up at the end of the day.  How about a single button press that turns all the lights off, adjusts the thermostats, arms the security system, locks your front door and closes your garage door?  New innovation to the automation field have finally made this affordable and reliable.

The automation industry has finally caught up with the computer industry in reliability, capability, programming stability, user simplicity and price.  What this means to you is that you can add light switches, thermostats, locks, alarms, receivers, relays and sensors to any gadget that you can think of and they will have plug and play functionality with your automation system.  

Standards on Z-Wave technology have made this possible.  These devices are all built on a standard, making it easy for developers in the automation market to build and create guis and user interface controllers that feel like an extension to the end user.

Gone are the days where the automation system would take weeks to program and cost 10s of thousands of dollars.  Gone are the days that lighting integration cost hundreds per switch.  Now add switches from $50 to $100 dollars.  

Take full advantage of these systems, reduce energy costs or upgrade your existing system to incorporate more devices and make things easier on you.

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