Smoke Detectors and Fire Notification Systems Save Lives.  Period.

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At True Alarms, we do not use scare tactics customers or users into purchasing security and fire systems.  We prefer to let the customer decide what they think is best for their home or business.  

However, as firemen we take smoke and carbon monoxide detectors very seriously.  Everyone thinks that they will wake up in the event of fire.  However 3 out of 5 fire deaths in the US occurred in residences and structures without smoke alarms.  The likelihood of death in a fire is cut in half by adding smoke alarms to your house.  Whether you purchase smoke alarms from us, another company, or go and pick them up for free from your local fire department it is absolutely imperative to have smoke alarms.

Smoke Detectors need to be properly maintained, tested, and replaced in 10 years.  If you have a larger house or a house with multiple floors there should be a smoke detector on every floor and they should link together.  Today they make smoke detectors that link through wireless technology for homes constructed prior to 1999.  These detectors are reliable and will alert the whole house in the event of an emergency as soon as the first detector activates.  The days of local alarms are over.  If a fire starts in the basement, and you are not notified until smoke and fire reach the second floor, you have missed your egress window through the staircase.  

Don't Forget about Carbon Monoxide, the Silent Killer.  Carbon Monoxide can come from any fuel burning appliance.  Whether it be a gas oven, gas dryer, gas stove top, gas furnace or wood burning fireplace carbon monoxide is produced in your home.  Most of the time, your venting system removes these products from your home, but vent systems fail creating a fatal environment.  

Carbon Monoxide has no taste, scent or color.  You will not know that it is there without a CO Detector.  NFPA recommends at least one CO Detector per floor.

Add Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors to your Home or Business.

Commercial Fire Protection Equipment                          Residential Fire Equipment