Let us design the system that gives you the best quality, fit, and function for your money.

While Theater Systems can be perceived as very complicated, they all comprise of the same components.  The major components of any theater are the room, speakers, amplifiers / pre amplifiers, displays and sources.

Bring Modern into the Media Room

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The room that the theater is in, or is going in makes a tremendous difference.  Although it seems very basic, the room layout and theme are important to choosing the correct theater system.  Nothing can be worse than spending a large amount of money on an AV System to be disappointed by the outcome.  Have a system designed for your room and use by professionals.


Episode Signature Speakers are changing the speaker market.  See the innovative features of this speaker line for your self.

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Speakers are very important in an Audio System or in a Home Theater System.  Speakers are available for any budget from 100s to 10000s of thousands a pair or more, and they do not have to be the most expensive speakers to make your system sound great.  

Speakers should match the room, amp, source, and purpose of the system.  For example, someone who watches some movies and a lot of sports is looking for different speakers than an orchestra professor that kicks back and listens to classical music or reviews performances.  

Give us a budget, and let us hear what you want to do with your system.  Then, we will make sure that you have a system that you enjoy for years to come.  

Check Out the New WI-FI Controlled 7.2 Channel Denon Amplifier
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Amps, Pre Amps and DACs have adapted and changed through the years.  Whether you are looking for a 7.1 Denon Receiver for $499.99, to $20,000 mono block amps we can choose the right system for you.  


Check Out the New Samsung UHD 4K TV Line Up

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Today there are more choices than ever before for displays.  Do you want a plasma TV, LCD TV, LED TV, Projector, Curve TV or a Smart Board.  Do you want 720P, 1080P, 4K, 3D etc.  With so many options what is the right choice?  What content is available for these systems? Let us guide you in choosing the right display for your A/V System.  

Kaleidescape has developed an innovative new media server.  Organize you DVD and Blu-ray library and stream it throughout your home.

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Sources have changed dramatically in the last few years.

 The introduction of Internet Streaming Stations and Services has created a wide new arena for media streamers and players.  The mp3 player / iPod age came and was quickly phased out by Spotify and Pandora.  New Denon receivers have Apps that allow you access many of your most popular internet content.  While vinyl hangs on to its title as the clearest and most accurate sound quality, Digital Music has cornered the market.

Media Servers, Blu-Ray Players, Apple TVs and more allow access to internet video content.  These sources allow access to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video and more.

 Don't get trapped thinking sources are CD Players, Blu-Ray Players, and Satellite / Cable Boxes.  Look around.  Internet Media has cornered the market.