Denon HEOS is the Next Big Multi-Room Audio Solution

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Denon has brought innovative engineering and technology into Audio Components for 100 years.  They bring performance and experience into there products that no other company can match.  Therefore, it is no surprise than when Denon entered the multi-room audio field, they redefined the standard for sound and quality of multi-room components.

With new Denon HEOS systems put one of their wireless speakers in any room in your home and control it effortlessly using their free app.  If you want use your existing multi-room system add a Denon HEOS amp, link or drive and capture existing speakers and technology.  You may also use these components to conceal you multi room speakers in the walls or ceilings.  Use the HEOS Cinema Package to convert your family room or media room into a multi room zone while inheriting the performance of the HEOS soundbar and subwoofer.  

The sky is the limit with the new HEOS System.  Finally a multi-room audio system that is as enjoyable to use as it is to listen to.