Whether you are interested in a smart home system, an alarm system or an audio video system give us a call and we'll get you the information that you need.

The electronics industry is a very dynamic field.  For instance the alarm industry has very recently began to integrate into the automation industry.  By adding lighting, locks and thermostats these systems made automation attainable for the average customer.  Many companies advertise these systems for no money down or low prices with high monthly fees.  Lets compare with our competitors.


  • Frontier
    1 Control Panel, 5 Door / Window Sensors, 1 Motion Sensor, 1 Smoke / Heat Sensor, 2 Keychain Remotes
    • $99 with a 36 month contract at $34.99
    • System from True Alarms is $561.64 and monitoring at $19.95
    • Total Paid for Front Point System is $1358.64 over 3 years
    • Total Paid for Equivalent System from True Alarms is $1279.84
    • Difference is $78.80 over 3 years
  • ADT Pulse
    Alarm System is customized to fit you application - alarm system with 1 interior camera
    • $99 through $199 with a 36 month contract at $57.99
    • Same System from True Alarms is $649.95 and $24.94 monitoring
    • Total Paid for ADT System over 3 years 2286.64
    • Total Paid for equivalent System from True Alarms 1547.79
    • Difference is $738.85 over 3 years
  • CPI Security
    Control Panel, 7 Door Window Transmitters, Keyphob, Smoke Detector, Motion Detector, Z Wave Lock and Outdoor Camera
    • Requires $99 Touchpanel Purchased
    • Additional $299 for customers renting a property
    • Monitoring Starts at $49.99 through $64.99 with cell backup for 39 Months
    • Total Cost for CPI System $2048.61
    • Installation for Equivalent System from True Alarms $834.04
    • Total Cost for Equivalent System from True Alarms $2002.06
    • Difference is $46.55

As you can see, our prices are competitively priced with our competitors.  We do not charge additional service packages or extended warranties.  We do not charge additional for moving or for rented premises.  We have a referral program, and for every person you refer to us we offer a quarter of free monitoring.  True Alarms also stands behind our systems.  We offer a free quarter of monitoring for any false alarm due to installation errors or faulty equipment. Why lock yourself into a contract with a larger company, a company who cannot offer the same level of personalized service?