Media Rooms

Multi Room Audio

From outdoor tvs, to indoor theater projectors we've got you covered.  Show us the room and the application and we'll help you pick the right display.  Today there are many different types of TVs, resolutions and media types.  Subscriptions to cable and satellite media are on the fall while digital media from IP based solutions and antenna are on the rise.  We'll help you choose a solution that fits your needs.  We can make it easy to use too!

Atmos is the new big surround sound environment in today's media room culture.  Don't forget design and acoustics though.  A good 5.1 system that is calibrated correctly in a balanced room will sound better than a state of the art Atmos system that is not designed for you space.  We'll help you design your system and entertainment space.  If you are building a home we can help you design for the future in your media room.  If you have a space in your current home we'll design the system around your space.

Lots of new innovations in the Multi Room Audio sector have happened recently.  Between the popularization of streaming media and the growth of wireless speakers and sound systems, the multi room audio space has come a long way from volume controls.  We can retrofit your existing system or design a new one, with a minimally invasive solution.  No more pulling wire through crawlspaces and attics to install volume controls and in ceiling speakers.  If you already have them, we can allow you to control them with an app with access to millions of songs and videos.


Sonos is the leader of the wireless multi room audio and theater solutions options.  We now have the option to link speakers together to form 2 channel audio, or  to create 5.1 surround.  A sound bar, sub and 2 rear speakers  could be set up and programmed in 45 minutes without running any wire.  These speakers communicate with each other through your wifi.  We can add speakers around your home that you can speak to to request playback.  With the introduction of the Sonos One, and the pairing of Alexa with Sonos, you can walk into any room in your house and tell your system to play any song or artist that you want.  The sound is truly immersive and rich.  The full sound from these small speakers is really incredible.