Silent Knight Fire Products


24/7 Monitoring using cellular , ip, or phone starting at 29.95 per month

Don't pay more for the same service. At True Alarms we are a NFPA 72 Certified Fire Alarm Company that can monitor your system and save you money on service and maintenance.  As full time professional fire fighters, we understand the value of life safety systems in a commercial environment.  We also understand the importance of maintenance and design to limit false alarms and fines.

False alarms fees have gotten expensive.  Businesses are required to put in fire alarm systems in certain occupancies.  Fire Alarm Systems are expensive in the upfront.  For new business or restaurant that is trying to keep overhead and opening fees down, false alarm fees are an unnecessary burden.  Large amounts of these burdens could be avoided with proper system design and maintenance.  For example, duct detector activation alarms does not require Fire Department response according to NFPA 72.  However, we respond at the fire department to many duct detector and other supervisory signal alarms that did not require a response.  This is $1000s of dollars in fees that were not necessary and could have been used for something else in the business.

Honeywell Fire Systems protect 1000s of businesses worldwide.  These systems combine early detection and notification that saves lives and property every day.  Let us design a system for you, or look at your existing system to see how we can help you.

Common Commercial Fire Sensors and Notifiers

Smoke Detectors

Duct Detectors

Horn Strobe

Waterflow Sensors

Mini Modules

Pull Stations

Smoke detectors are not always a common part of a fire system.  For sprinklered premesis the system may only require 1 smoke detector near the panel.  Smoke detectors come with different options, annunciating or, non some with relay bases.

Duct detectors are common in commercial fire systems.  Silent Knight makes a kit that comes with a duct detector with a built in relay base.  It saves on equipment and programming as this one device can detect the presence of smoke and shut down the air handler.

Strobes and Horn Strobes can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling.  Calculations are followed by the architect or engineer for decible rating and strobe candella effective settings.  These horn strobes are adjustable to meet these system needs.  Strobe synchronizers are required if you can see more than 2 strobes at a time.

Waterflow and Ansul Flow detection are common.  Waterflow detectors come in different styles for dry or wet systems.  A wet system flow sensor would break because of the sudden surge of water.  Typically with ansul flow, the system is monitored electrically with a built in dry contact.

Mini Modules are nothing more than addressable relays or zones that can monitor contacts on different sensors throughout the system.  These can be used on sprinkler tampers, ansul flow switches, waterflow detectors, HVAC units, elevator recall switches etc.

Pull stations are typically required at each emergency exit.  They can be addressable or non addressable devices.  These pull stations also can be single action or dual action.  A dual action pull station helps reduce false alarms if approved by your AHJ.  They stop people from accidently pulling the station by hitting it or bumping it.