Give us a call for a free quote or to ask us any questions that you have.  No aggressive sales tactics, no unwelcomed call backs or credit checks. We're here to help you and your family feel safe.  All the features and capabilities of the big companies, but the service and responsibility of a small company.

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True Alarms takes pride in the professional installation, maintenance and 24/7 customer support provided to our security customers.  You're not buying a security system from us, but a commitment.
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Commitment to Reliability

Maintenance Schedules for Intrusion and Surveillance Systems

Maintenance is critical to ensuring that the system is up to date and working properly.  At True Alarms we strive to make sure that the systems are well maintained with a maintenance schedule to address service items before they happen.

Intrusion System Schedule includes the following services every 2 years

  • Wireless Transmitter Battery Replacement
  • Central Station Dial Test
  • System Walk Test
  • Verification of Contact Information
  • Confirmation or codes received
  • Test Every Zone, Tamper, Smoke, Heat etc. for Functionality and Response
  • Certified Test Completion Document
  • Surveillance System schedule includes the following services every 2 years
  • Camera Cleaning and Readjustment
  • Confirm Functionality of User Interface on Phones, Tablets, Computers and Televisions
  • Confirming Night Imagery and IR Functionality
  • Establish a length of recorded video footage
  • Adjust Bit Rates and Image Settings
  • Provide Documentation for Service


Transparency is an important concept to us at True Alarms.  While researching the field around the triangle we have had interaction with several different companies in the past.  Some companies we found around the area were really great and demonstrated a good customer advocacy.  We did find that some companies were reluctant to give pricing and tried to force customers to do a credit check and sign up for a long term commitment.  If you have any questions gives us a call.  If you are interested in pricing or types of systems let us know.  We are not here to push anyone or to force someone to sign up with us.  We truly want you to be happy with your experience and to build customer relationships with everyone that we meet.

Installed at $436.99

3 Door Sensors / Window Sensors, 1 RF Keyphob, Free App

Installed at $375.99

3 Door Sensors / Window Sensors, 1 RF Keyphob, Free App

Installed at $289.99

3 Door Sensors / Window Sensors, 1 RF Keyphob, Free App

Installed at $439.99

3 Door Sensors / Window Sensors, 1 RF Keyphob, Free App

Lyric Control Panel

  • Newest Wireless All In One Panel and 2 Way Wireless Sensors
  • Built in Camera and Microphone
  • Get photos of who disarms your system
  • Control and View your Cameras

Lynx 5210

  • Previous Generation of Wireless All In One Panel before the Lyric
  • Touch Screen Controller
  • Weather Updates
  • Security Control
  • Limited Automation Control

Lynx Plus Panel

  • Basic Wireless Control Panel
  • LCD Text Display
  • Control your Security System

Vista Control Panel

  • Commercial and Residential Burglary, Residential Fire
  • Wired / Wireless Panel
  • Automation Capable
  • Touchpad Keypads available
  • Able to be broken into partitions
TC 2.0

Total Connect Mobile Control App

Total Connect App available IOS and Android

Watch your cameras in real time

See who is at the door and talk to visitors

Turn on and remote control your security system

Get instant alerts on your phone for alarms, low batteries and when your power goes out

Control your locks, lights, and thermostats from your phone


Basic Alarm System Sensors

Lyric Wireless 2 Way Sensors

Lyric 2 Way Wireless

5800 Series Wireless Sensors

Door / Window Sensors


Smoke / Heat / CO Detectors


Motion Sensors


Glass Break Sensors


Water Detectors