Networking has become more important than ever in homes and businesses.  Is your system ready for the future? Check out these Araknis Networking Devices.
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Can your network stand up to the demands of today's devices.  Residential networks today average 13 devices per home.  Houses with children often have one or more game consoles, smart tvs and streaming devices.  Routers have come a long way, but networks still need to be set up correctly to handle the environment in which they are placed.  

Wifi networks are not all the same, and they can handle different amounts of networking traffic.  We recommend one Wireless Access Point per floor.  Dual Band Networks are recommended for high traffic areas throughout homes and businesses.  This allows the device to split the traffic instead of overwhelming the device and dropping information.  It also lowers lag from high queues and dropped packets.

New Access Points and Routers allow for remote access and remote reboot functionality.  This allows us to service your system without rolling a truck, and to take care of your issue right away.

Phone Systems for your home or business with intercom or video intercom functionality will allow more productivity, and ease communication between remote parts of your office or business.

IP Phone System                            Video Conferencing